Terms and conditions of the contract

I acknowledge that this contract is included in the rental of property leased "exclusively for tourist purposes ," as specified by article 1 , paragraphs 1 and 2 of Law 431/1998 , and the contract shall be governed exclusively by the Civil Code , not discounting , therefore , neither duration nor the constraints ofnormal rents and therefore does not require the written form .

The lease will be governed by the following clauses which are then fully underwritten at the time of the keys.

1 . The contract is concluded for a period within the limits and privileges of the Regional Law 33/2002 governing units furnished for use tourism.


2 . The property must be used exclusively for tourist - accommodation.


3 . The tenant may not subrent , the whole or in part the unit , under penalty of cancellation of the contract .


4 . The monthly rent is paid by credit card or ATM when receiving the key.


5 . At moment the renter collect the keys of the unit, it will pay the sum of EUR 200 security deposit non-interest bearing , which will be returned at the end of the lease, after checking the status of the property and furnishings , in this regard we attach complete list of furniture ; appliances, furniture , more.


6 . The tenant must notify the landlord of any defects in the property, furnishings within forty-eight hours after delivery of the keys.


7 . The charges for the provision of services, such as : light, water, heating / cooling , are charged to the tenant unless otherwise expressly agreed .


8 . The handler must be aware of the rules of the residence and to respect it . 


9 . The amount that the tenant will deliver the deposit will be deducted - to the time of return - the amount needed for the repair of any damage on the property and / or the furniture he damaged and possibly the costs for cleaning .


10 . In the case of early delivery of the keys than the expiry date of the lease, the difference in proportion of the fee will be refunded.


11 . The landlord and the tenant shall allow each other to divulge their personal data in relation to obligations associated with the lease contract (Law 31

December 1996 . 675 ) .


12 . For matters not covered by this contract, the parties shall refer to the provisions of the Civil Code , and in any case with the current regulations and local customs . 


13 . The lessor shall deliver a copy of the keys to the tenant .


14 . The termination of this contract can be made through : notice via e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) at least 7 days before delivery of the keys from the conductor .


15 . The landlord can ' withdraw from this agreement by contacting verbally also by telephone 7 days before the conductor . In this regard, the tenant authorizes pre- recording the conversation having such purpose .


16 . The lessor reserves the right to enter the unit , upon notice to the tenant .